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Synthesis Report

Gurbir S. Bhullar, David Bautze, Noah Adamtey, Laura Armengot, Harun Cicek, Eva Goldmann, Amritbir Riar, Johanna Rüegg, Monika Schneider, Beate Huber (2021). What is the contribution of organic agriculture to sustainable development? A synthesis of twelve years (2007-2019) of the “long-term farming systems comparisonsin the tropics (SysCom)”. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Frick, Switzerland.

The SysCom team published a first report which provided a comprehensive synthesis of the scientific findings of SysCom. The report is presented in a form that is easy to understand for an ‘educated non-expert’ audience. The findings address the differences between alternative (organic and agroforestry) and conventional production systems in terms of productivity, profitability, soil fertility and quality, and other indicators. The report also includes an overview about the results and recommendations for policy related stakeholders.

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