Outcome 1 - Long-term experiment (LTE)

Program outcome 1 comprise the long-term experiments (LTE) set up by FiBL and its partners, which compare organic and conventional farming systems in different variations, reflecting the diversity of the local farming systems and the variability of the input levels.

Accordingly, traditional farming as well as agricultural production for export markets are featured in the experiments. As a basic principle, to fully benefit from the long-term framework, treatment details are kept constant in the first three program phases (2007-2018), and any change had to be well justified. In the fourth phase, trial management has been adapted (particularly in Kenya and India) based on the evolution of regional and local agricultural practices. Thus, the LTEs better reflect the best management practices feasible for the farmers, where they are available and proven, instead of relying on prevalent practices of organic and conventional farmers.

Expected results proliferating from the the long-term experiments are as follows:

  1. Well-maintained agronomic field trials based on best management practice feasible for farmers.
  2. High-quality agronomic, ecological and economic data is generated.
  3. Main research findings are disseminated for the academic community, decision makers and sector relevant stakeholders at national and global level.