Site description Bolivia

In Bolivia, the project area is located in the Yungas of the department La Paz, in the eastern foothills of the Bolivian Andes. The long-term trial lies on an alluvial terrace in the valley of the river Alto Beni (380 m.a.s.l.).

Project site (long-term trial) on google maps (15°27’36.60S, 67°28’20.65W)

Soils at the trial site are Lixisols and Luvisols.The nearest weather station (Sapecho: 410 m.a.s.l.) reports 1439 mm mean annual precipitation, 25.2 °C mean annual temperature, and 83.0% mean annual relative humidity.

For the project activities nearby the long-term experiment, housing and processing facilities for harvested products have been built up since 2008. The centre Sara Ana in the meantime has developed into a research and training centre, with national and international visits and courses and the infrastructure to host bigger groups as well as researchers.

Presentation of the trial and treatments by Freddy Alcon in spanish with impressions of the trial in 2014.