Approach PTD Trials

Concept Mother-Baby Trials

POR Project Details

Participatory on-farm research (POR)

The participatory on-farm research (POR) component addresses specific problems of organic farmers, and aims at developing innovative and adapted solutions in a participatory approach.

A mother-baby trial design is used, with mother trials taking place on demonstration plots and subsequent baby trials on farmers' fields. Since part of the trials are conducted on-farm, farmers have the opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of new technologies and innovations and adapt them further to their particular requirements. Farmer meetings and exchange visits are an important element for farmers to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the various options under differing conditions, and thus understand the technologies better. Farmers who have seen a range of applications of the same technology are better able to develop them further. In areas where farmers need to know more in order to experiment on their own, tailor-made trainings on agroecological relationships, technical or management skills and analytical tools will be offered.

As the objective is to locally adapt and further develop technological innovations in sustainable agriculture, our target group is restricted to farmers who are already practicing organic farming.