LTE Project Details

Long-term Experiments (LTE)

Long-term experiments (LTE) comprise the long-term field trials set up by FiBL and its partners, which compare organic and conventional farming systems in different variations, reflecting the diversity of the local farming systems and the variability of the input levels.

Accordingly, traditional farming as well as agricultural production for export markets are featured in the experiments. Crop portfolio and management practises of the LTE reflect the current local systems. The experimental layouts allow for a precise comparison of agronomic and ecological parameters, including ecosystems services, efficiency estimations and gross margin calculations, and for monitoring processes of change. As a basic principle, to fully benefit from the long-term framework, treatment details are kept constant, and any change must be extremely well justified (eg. farmers' practises shifting significantly or superior organic innovations).

The LTE are expected to provide solid agronomic and socio-economic data by comparing major organic and conventional agriculture production systems and and bringing the discussion about risks and benefits of organic farming in developing tropical countries to a rational basis.