Expected Results

Expected results proliferating from the overall project goal "Enhanced know-how on advantages and limitations of different agricultural production systems in three tropical countries contributes to sustainable agriculture," are as follows:

For the long-term experiments:

  1. Well-maintained agronomic field trials are used to collect good quality data.
  2. Trial results are shared through publishing in peer-reviewed journals, presentation in scientific meetings or through other media.
  3. Field trials are recognized as a physical reference and meeting point for sustainable agricultural production.
  4. Local project staff and students increase knowledge on sustainable agriculture research for development.

For the participatory technology development:

  1. Site-specific on-farm trials addressing bottlenecks of organic farming are established and evaluated with farmers and data are collected.
  2. On farm trials’ results are analysed and later summarized in technical guides, magazines and/or made available through other media.
  3. Farmer field trials serve as a meeting point around sustainable agricultural production, where results are disseminated to farmers, extensionists and additional stakeholders.
  4. Farmers, local project staff and students increase knowledge on sustainable agriculture and improved participatory research approaches.

It is anticipated that the project will increase awareness of the value of sustainability in agriculture among stakeholders, and that this improved understanding will be reflected in the structures and contents of agricultural policy, research, education, training, extension, production and markets.