External Evaluation

Two independent external evaluations of the SysCom program were conducted during the years 2009 and 2013. An evaluation team comprised of an international expert supported by local experts in each country made a thorough review. The overall goal was to assess the performance of the program and to provide recommendations for the upcoming phases. Particular emphasis was given to questions and recommendations with regards to

- Relevance of the program (for partners and closest stakeholders),

- Effectiveness of the program (planned and achieved outputs/ outcomes),

- Efficiency of the program (in using resources),

- Management and coordination

- Risk and potentials.

An important conclusion of the second evaluation report was:

"[...] the SysCom project is very relevant at global as well as local level, with regard to production systems as well as specific commodities. Overall, the project is very well and efficiently implemented, has made commendable progress, and is on track in achieving its outputs, outcomes, and objectives."

Given this positive feedback, the evaluation team recommended:

"The evaluation team recommends that the donors continue and possibly expand their financial support [...] for the SysCom project – a unique research project that undoubtedly fills an important knowledge gap."