Capacity Development

Phase 3 (on-going)

YearNameDegree/diploma to be grantedThesis title/topicProject siteUniversityCountry of origin

Mwangi, E.M.Sc.Soil phoshorous fluxesKenyaJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyKenya
Mapili, M.M.Sc.Pesticide residues in soil and plantsKenyaUniversity of NairobiKenya
Anyango, J. J.PhDTermite abundance, dynamics and damageKenyaJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyKenya
Musyoka, M.PhDSoil nitrogen dynamicsKenyaUniversity of HohenheimKenya
Karanja, E.PhDMicrobial diversityKenyaUniversity of EmbuKenya
Ledroit, C.PhDBiodiversityIndiaConventry UniversityFrance
Ruchat, L.M.Sc.N dynamics in wheatIndiaUniversity of BaselSwitzerland
Brönimann, L.B.Sc.Productivity and economic value of timber treesBoliviaHochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften (HAFL)Switzerland
Camiño, E.B.Sc.Productivity of cultivarsBoliviaUniversidad Publica de El AltoBolivia
Flores, J.B.Sc.Productivity of cultivarsBoliviaUniversity Mayor San Andres La PazBolivia
Loshe, E.B.Sc.Productivity of cultivarsBoliviaUniversity Mayor San Andres La PazBolivia
Macroni, L.B.Sc.Accompanying vegetationBoliviaUniversity Mayor San Andres La PazBolivia
Niether, W.PhDWater balanceBoliviaGeorg-August-University GöttingenGermany
Schneidewind, U.PhDCarbon and nutrient cyclingBoliviaGeorg-August-University GöttingenGermany

Phase 3 (completed)

Thesis title/topic
Project site
Country of origin
2017Atandi, J. G.M.Sc.Effect of organic farming provides on soil-borne nematodes in maize and bean cropping systemsKenyaKenyatta UniversityKenya
von Arb, C.M.Sc.Soil Quality in two Long-term Field Trials under Organic and Conventional Farming at two Intensity Levels in the Central Highlands of KenyaKenyaETH ZürichSwitzerland
Mader, L.M.Sc.Impact of cocoa cropping systems and varieties on cherrelle wilt, yield and foliage densityBolivaUniversity of HohenheimGermany
2016Fernández Jauregui, L.InternshipComparación de la distribución y concentración horizontal de raíces absorbentes en árboles de cacao en cinco sistemas de producción en Sara AnaBoliviaEarth UniversityBolivia
Fuchs, M.InternshipInfluence of cultivation systems of Theobroma cacao in Alto Beni, Bolivia, on the fine root distribution at different distances from the stem and examining the existence of higher root density at the driplineBoliviaUniversity of KasselBolivia

Herren, P. InternshipThe pollination-ratio of cacao flowers in different production systemsBoliviaETH ZurichSwitzerland
Bolt, M.B.Sc.Evaluation der Kakaoertragsverluste durch die Kakaowanze (Monalonion dissimulatum Dist) in Alto Beni, BolivienBoliviaHochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften (HALF)Switzerland
Kettela, V.InternshipDescription de l’état structural avant taille des parcelles d’essais de Sara Ana, Alto Beni, BolivieBoliviaSupAgro MontpellierFrance
Vaccaro, C.M.Sc.Evaluation of cherelle wilt in five Theobroma cacao L. cropping systems: a physiological and phenological approachBoliviaUniversity of HohenheimAustria
Helfenstein, J.M.Sc.Determinants of soil and wheat zinc concentrations: an on-farm study in Madhya Pradesh, IndiaIndiaETH ZurichSwitzerland
Mueller, I.M.Sc.Characterization of organic and conventional cropping systems growing wheat in Madhya PradeshIndiaETH ZurichSwitzerland
Schweizer, S. A.M.Sc.Evaluation of soil physical properties under long-term organic and conventional agricultural systems in central IndiaIndiaUniversity of HohenheimGermany

Phase 2 (completed)

Year NameDegree/diplomaThesis title/topicProject siteUniversityCountry of origin
2014Wurtz M.M.Sc.Indicateurs de performance de variétés de cacaoyers
(Theobroma cacao, L.) de différents systèmes de culture
dans la région Alto Beni, en Bolivie
BoliviaISTOM -
Ecole Supérieure d’Agro-Développement International
Zweifel J.B.Sc.Assessment of options and tools for pest monitoring in organic cotton production systems of the Nimar region, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaIndiaZurich Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland
2013Yvonne ZahumenskyM.Sc.Evaluation of Participatory Tools: case study about Participatory Technology Development (PTD) in Central IndiaIndiaUniverisity of TuebingenGermany
Johanna J.PhDThe contribution of organic cocoa production to social-ecological resilience in a changing climate - a comparison of organic and non-organic cocoa cultivation systems in Alto Beni, BoliviaBoliviaUniversity of BernGermany
Heuschkel Z.M.Sc."El caco me quiere, pero yo no se que hacer". An assessment of cacao farmers' disease knowledge as a basis for participatory technology developmentBoliviaWihelms University of BonnGermany
Schmalz H.M.Sc.Effects of organic and conventional farming systems after two crop rotation periods (6 yrs) on soil quality indicatiors in two long term trials in KenyaKenyaETH ZurichSwitzerland
Utz C.B.Sc.Assessment of self-made control products for organic cotton production in the Nimar region, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaIndiaBern Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland
Ferrari L.B.Sc.Comparacion de la efectividad de deferentes métodos para el control biologico del chinche de cacao (Monalonion dissimulatum) en Alto Beni, BoliviaBoliviaBern Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland

Dietzel N., Kahle J.InternshipLocal knowledge of Pest Management in the Nimar Region in Madhya Pradesh, IndiaIndiaASA programGermany
Flores A.B.Sc.Efecto de cinco sistemas de cultivo para Theobroma cacao sobre la biomasa microbiana y actividad enzimatica del suelo, Alto Beni, BoliviaBoliviaUniversidad Major de San AndrésBolivia
Gomez S.B.Sc.Identification and evaluation of improved manure management options in the context of rural IndiaIndiaBern Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland
Jacobi H.B.Cs.Oberirdische Biomasse und Kohlenstoff - Ein Vergleich verschiedener Anbausysteme von Kakao in Alto Beni, BolivienBoliviaKassel UniversityGermany
Nyffenegger MR.B.Sc.Improving plant availability if P contained in local rock phosphate for use on alkaline soilsIndiaBern Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland

Locher M.B.Sc.Options for rock phosphate solubilization in organic farming and their effects on mung, wheat and maizeKenyaBern Univeristy of Applied SciencesSwitzerland
Niether W.M.Sc.Water use characteristics of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in different production systems and of two shade trees species in Alto Beni, BoliviaBoliviaUniversity of Goettingen Germany
Schneidewind U.diplomarbeitLeinräumliche Variavilität der Bodennährstoffe in experimentellen Kakao-Agroforstparzellen (Alto Beni, Bolivien); Ein Vergleich von Misch-und Einzelproben mit Hilfe des ÄquivalenztestsBoliviaUniversity of GoettingenGermany
Schöning R.M.Sc.Kohlenstoff- und Nährstoffvorräte im Boden-Litterkompartiment von Kakaoanbausystemen. Ein Vergleich konventioneller Monokultur und sukzessiver Agroforstsysteme im Alto Beni - BolivienBoliviaUniversity of GoettingenGermany
Schonter C.internshipGender aspects in cotton-based farming systemsIndiaHumbolt University BerlinGermany